Why Join?

“Why join another organization?” you ask yourself.   That’s a very good question!  And if we did not have a good answer, we would not ask it.

With ever-increasing expenses and ever-decreasing income, you want more than just another certificate on your wall if you are going to spend another dime on membership dues.   We could not agree more!

The Academy was founded by clinicians who know how difficult it is to practice these days.  We deliver benefits that not only increase your income potential, but strive to save you the cost of your low annual dues many times over each year.

In addition to the many benefits available to all our Members (General, Student & Organizational), those who qualify for Diplomate certification receive additional advantages.  The Diplomate registry enables MCOs to recruit qualified clinicians for panel openings and to identify those clinicians they wish to keep when they trim their panels.     

To find out more about Membership or Diplomate certification, click on the buttons on the left side of this page.