Diplomate status

You may apply for Diplomate status if you:

  • Have been licensed or certified in your profession a minimum of three years, or;
  • Have served as a case manager with a recognized MCO for three or more years, or,
  • Have held a clinical position within a healthcare organization for three or more years


  • Achieve an average rating of 8 or higher (scale 1-10) on  evaluation forms completed by three different managed care company representatives, and;
  • Receive satisfactory references from three professional references, and;
  • Pass a written examination.

If you do not currently meet these criteria, please join as a General Member and re-apply for Diplomate status at a later date.

Our listing of Diplomates is made available at no cost to all managed care companies for use in their provider panel selection and maintenance process and for their search for qualified professionals to fill corporate positions.

Please use this checklist below to ensure that you have completed all of the forms and have returned all of the necessary documents to proceed with the application process.  All of the necessary documents may be downloaded by clicking on the highlighted area, then printing that page.  The current fee for the Diplomate examination is $125 in addition to the membership application fee.  The Diplomate examination fee is is not due until you have been notified that you have approved to take the examination.

  1. Diplomate application completed?
  2. Copy of Resume / Vita enclosed?
  3. Copy of valid license enclosed?
  4. Copy of liability insurance verification enclosed?
  5. Professional reference forms  distributed with stamped, addressed return envelopes?
  6. Managed Care Organization reference forms distributed with stamped, addressed return envelopes?
  7. Check for Annual Dues ( $175 General Membership or $125 for Internet* Membership)

* Internet-ready members receive all communication via internet or downloads from our  website.

For additional information, call us at 1-800-297-2627 or e-mail us.