Introduction to Coaching by Psycho-Legal Associates

Any therapist wanting to look outside of the clinical arena for a challenging, exciting and potentially lucrative alternative or addition to practice, should consider this course as an overview to determine if the field of “Coaching” is the right choice.

E. Wayne Hart, Ph.D. presents a six hour course that covers an introduction to the many differences between coaching  and psychotherapy, presents helpful scenarios, demonstrates the process through role-playing, discusses marketing, laws and ethics and discusses ways to develop further skills in this emerging service field. 

The course moved along effortlessly and brief morning and afternoon breaks made the six hours seem much shorter.  The material was thoughtfully delivered and required no prior knowledge of the field.  The hand-outs are thorough and complete and coincide with the “PowerPoint” presentation on the screen. 

This course does not, nor is it intended to, prepare the novice to claim expertise.  Along with the material presented was an abundant listing of additional sources of training and associations to which coaches may belong.  

Michael Dennis, M.A., the founder of Psycho-Legal Associates, makes every effort to see that the attendees are comfortable and that the learning experience is a positive one.  His company provides a number of different courses, and while we have not attended and reviewed others that his company presents, I suspect that they meet the same high quality standards as this one.  

For a listing of additional courses and upcoming dates, you may contact Psycho-Legal Associates at 714.377.3767 or via e-mail at

Reviewed by
John K. Russell, Ph.D.