Advanced Mediation

Advanced Mediation Training by UCLA Extension

John Biancardi, the talented speaker and trainer who makes this course enjoyable and beneficial, says “anything that can litigated can be mediated”.  If this is true (and there seems to be overwhelming evidence that it is) mediation is a burgeoning field and this is a ground floor opportunity.

This advanced course presumes that the attendees already possess training in basic mediation skills and covers applications of mediation to healthcare, construction, civil matters and divorce, among others.  The course focuses upon the application of these skills and upon marketing one’s mediation services.

With courts backlogged and legal costs that can quickly mount into the tens of thousands or more, mediation is becoming more popular within the judicial system and with disputants.  Not only will mediation save a great deal of money, it also  preserves privacy, fosters better post-mediation relations between disputants and affords the parties much more control over the outcome than does litigation.   While mediation is not a certified field at this time, it seems only a matter of time until some form of quality control will be mandated.  This course is one way to increase the likelihood that you will be among those “grandfathered in” when certification does become mandatory.

This course, 24 hours over two weekends, is clearly worth the effort for anyone seriously considering a career (or even a subspecialty) in mediation.   In addition to John Biancardi, other speakers with specialization in specific applications of mediation present over the course of the three days.   It is John, however, who is the superstar.  His easygoing and supportive manner, his tremendous knowledge of the field and his 100% belief in potential of this field is what makes this course the great value and learning experience that it is.

AMCP gives a thumbs up to this course to any of our members. Take the introductory course first, though.

You may find out more about this course by contacting UCLA extension at 310 206-1409 or at

Reviewed by
John K. Russell, Ph.D.