Cognitive Behavioral TX

Review of US Journal Training  September 23-25, 1999.  Las Vegas, Nevada.

I should begin by saying I usually hate most training and conferences.  Most are boring beyond words.  Often I would rather get a root canal.  I usually feel that my money was thrown away.  Not so here.  This was exceptional.  It was time well invested!

There were some outstanding presenters, including but not limited to Edward Hallowell, M.D., Ray DiGiuseppe, Ph.D. and Don Dutton, Ph.D.  Not only were the presentations great, but also they were interesting, funny, and practical.  I purchased the tapes of many of the presenters so I could hear them again and again.

The facility was good, and the “snacks” between presentations were a welcome respite.  The staff was highly efficient and friendly and the idea of providing handouts in a packet prior to the program was extremely helpful, both in following the presentations and in deciding what would be useful to attend.  Books and tapes were also available.  The other attendees with whom I spoke, after the presentations were equally as enthusiastic.

This organization is a quality production in every respect, and their programs demonstrate that!

Barry Levy, MFT
Director of Member Benefits